Company Overview

PAL Med Service for Medical Insurance Management
PAL Med Service is a leading medical claim management company for insurance companies and Palestinian health insurance funds. PAL Med Service is serving thousands of companies and institutions affiliated with the insurance companies’ portfolios and Palestinian health insurance funds through an up-to-date program in cooperation with Med Jordan Service.
PAL Med Service company provides professional services through highly qualified specialized staff in technical, financial, and administrative fields. These highly experienced and competent cadres include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dental technicians, laboratories, IT engineers, programmers, administrators, and quality management managers who ensure high-quality and top-notch services.

About Pal Med.Service

Our mission

Deliver integrated customer programs and solutions, achieve innovative customer and medical satisfaction, identify customer difficulties, and find appropriate solutions.

Our vision

Reach a leading position in local and regional medical expense management, develop the best technological capabilities, and generate a distinguished team with the highest levels of performance and the best medical services.

Our objectives

Establish a strategic relationship with customers and medical professionals and leading consultations in medical expense management.

Our Services

  • Technical and financial settlement of medical claims.
  • Issue insurance cards to all participants.
  • Technical and financial settlement of medical claims.
  • Mobile Application for a medical network of more than 700 medical professionals, geographically well-distributed, covering all Palestinian regions, including the remote areas.
  • Conclusion of agreements with medical providers.
  • User data entry.
  • Manage the hospitalization process in terms of technical and financial claims vetting.
  • Provide medical treatment models or treatment at the approved doctors and hospitals.
  • Updating coverage and treatment services.
  • Conducting monthly studies and statistical reports.
  • Running preapproval department, 24-Hour, 7-Day, Year-round.
  • Directly programming chronic diseases by the company.
  • Controlling health insurance costs.